Capès - Cabernet Sauvignon - Cantina Barbaterre - Emilia Romagna



Capès is our take on a grape variety that is now found all over the world.
We have put our own personal stamp on it and steered clear of the stereotypes that see it as nothing more than a full-bodied, well-structured wine. Capès is a supple Cabernet Sauvignon but it also has a solid backbone to it, not to mention aromatic depth and a full flavour. The signature minerality of Barbaterre’s land is also preserved in this wine, making it an enticing, elegant prospect.


Delicate dishes containing red meat or game birds, as well as medium cheeses.

Sensory characteristics

It is a rich, dense ruby red colour. It is also a wine of great aromatic depth, with grassy notes at the forefront alongside clear plum and raspberry aromas and subtle hints of sweet tobacco. Backed by the soft fruit sensations, the tannins on the palate are noticeable but never intrusive. Spicy and undergrowth notes in the finish round things off marvellously.

Product information



Cabernet Sauvignon 100%



Found on land with clay-limestone soil that faces south-east, the vineyards are approximately 250 to 350 metres above sea level.



13 %

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