Pinot Nero has always been at home at Barbaterre. The idea behind Pèder is to create a wine that keeps all of the features of Pinot Nero intact and combines them with the characteristics of the local area. The place where the grapes are grown makes its mark on their great finesse and measured flavour. Pèder faithfully encapsulates the qualities of a grape variety that has found an original, inspired home in the Reggio Emilia hills. The Barbaterre vineyards benefit from a unique microclimate and the typical clay-limestone soil of the Terre Matildiche area.


Delicate dishes containing red meat or game birds, as well as medium cheeses.

Sensory characteristics

It is a soft but bright ruby red colour. Alongside mixed berry aromas, there are subtle hints of undergrowth and spices. On the palate it is delicate but pronounced and full of fruitiness.The terroir shines through in the full flavour and minerality of the finish.

Product information



100% Pinot Nero



The soil has a decent clay and limestone content, with gypsum veins. The vineyards are spread across a number of south-facing plots, at approximately 300 to 400 metres above sea level.



13 %

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